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Situated in the heart of Monkstown Co Dublin, The Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic has been in existence since 2007 under the direction of our head clinician Ms. Peggy Stringer SRN. RPN. who has 11yrs experience in the Industry, both in Paris and Dublin.

  • Affiliated to Clinique Iena, 8 r Foucault, 75116 Paris, with Dr Benjamin Ascher, with continuous ongoing training with him
  • Member of the Imcas (International Master Course on Aging Skin)
  • Trained in St Patricks Hospital 1976 -1980
  • Trained in St Vincents Hospital 1980 -1982
  • Trained with Lumenis in UK and Ireland

Using the most modern equipment, (IPL, Lumenis) Monkstown Laser Skin Clinic offers a complete solution for skin, from analysis to treatment, addressing problem skin, acne, sun and weather damage, and signs of aging.